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Mimbres Pottery Images Digital Database (MimPIDD)

Dark Orange vertical bars (lower timelines) represent droughts of intense (10th percentile), but relatively short, duration.
Lighter Orange vertical bars (lower timelines) represent periods of longer, but less intense drought (25th percentile).

Pottery Styles: Harry Shafer and Robbie Brewington (1995) "Microstylistic Changes in Mimbres Black-on-White Pottery" Kiva 65(1):5-29, Table 1.
Phases: Michelle Hegmon (2002) "Recent Issues in the Archaeology of the Mimbres Region" Journal of Archaeological Research 10(4):307-357, Figure 2.
Droughts: Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, Christopher H. Baisan, and Thomas W. Swetnam (1997) "A 1,373 Year Reconstruction of Annual Precipitation for the Southern Rio Grande Basin."
Final report submitted to the Directorate of Environment of Natural Resources Division, Fort Bliss, Texas, for the Legacy Program.